Fusion New MaterialChinese well-konwn company of conductive silver paste(688503.SH)
Ideal Energy SunflowerWell-konwn manufacturer of key equipment in photovoltaic solar cells, pan-semiconductor and semiconductor fieldshttps://www.idealenergy-wlh.com/
Chelion RenewablesGlobal well-konwn renewable energy investment and integrated solutions platform centered on energy storage technologyhttp://www.gietsic.com
Synlight CrystalWell-konwn company of wide bandgap semiconductor, focusing on silicon carbide materials for power and RF applicationshttp://www.synlight.cn/
SupratecWell-konwn supplier of water treatment equipment and technologyhttp://www.supratecgroup.cn/
LinecoreProvider, developer and manufacturer of power semiconductor modules designed for power conversion equipmenthttp://www.linecore.com.cn/
Leapers powerHigh-end development, production and sales of power semiconductorshttp://cn.leapers-power.com/
GIETWell-konwn semiconductor enterprise specializing in power device design, manufacturing process development and market applicationhttp://www.gietsic.com/
Unison AluminumWell-konwn enterprise of aluminum load-bearing parts for new energy vehicleshttp://www.unisonal.com
nRuiTWell-konwn electrochemical energy storage battery solution providerhttps://cn.xinrex.com.cn
Tong Oil ToolsA well-konwn oil service provider in China (300164.SZ)http://www.tongoiltools.com/
HaihuanA state-owned water operation firm in Fujian Province (603817.SH)http://www.fjhxhb.com/
CSD Water ServiceA well-konwn private sewage operating firm (603903.SH)http://www.zchb-water.net/
Synfuels ChinaMarket well-konwn company of CTL fieldhttp://www.synfuelschina.com.cn/
SolintegA well-konwn technology and innovative-thinking enterprise, which provide advanced and optimized energy storage solution to integrate solar energy to distributed grid intelligentlyhttps://cn.solinteg.com
RichtechOffshore oil and gas development engineering designer (832547.OC)http://www.richtechcn.com/
VatonNatural gas pipeline construction and operation firmhttp://www.xavaton.com/
Action PowerA well-konwn company of power & electronics R&D in Chinahttp://www.cnaction.com