United ImagingChinese well-konwn provider of advanced medical imaging device and integrated solution (688271)https://www.united-imaging.com/cn/home/
MicroPortA well-konwn vascular device company in China(688016.SH)http://www.microport.com.cn
iRay TechnologyWell-konwn company in the development and manufacturing of key X-ray system components used in medical, security and industrial imaging(688301.SH)http://www.iraygroup.com
THOUSANDAKSWell-konwn supplier of bio-pharmaceutical technical services and contract manufacturing serviceshttp://www.tobiopharm.com/
GenScript ProBioA subsidiary of GenScript Biotech Corporation that offers end-to-end CDMO services from drug discovery to commercialization with professional solutions in CGT, vaccine, biologics discovery and antibody protein drughttps://www.genscriptprobio.cn/
Ping An Healthcare and TechnologyWELL-KNOWN online diagnosis platform in China (1833.HK)http://www.jk.cn/
LePureThe NO.1 domestic brand in single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical industryhttps://www.lepurechina.com/
SinotherapeuticsWELL-KNOWN Chinese and American high - end generic drug enterprises(688247.SH)http://www.sinotherapeutics.com/
Shanghai Engineering Cell TherapyShanghai well-konwn immune cell therapy centerhttp://www.shcell.com/
DESANODomestic well-konwn pharma of antiviral APIs and formulationshttps://www.desano.com/
BIOTHEUSFocusing on the discovery and development of novel/next generation therapeutic antibodies for oncology and metabolic diseaseshttp://www.biotheus.com/
CF PharmTechA high-tech pharmaceutical company focusing on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of high-quality inhalation niche products for the domestic and global markethttp://www.cfpharmtech.com
GensciencesA biotechnology company dedicated to improve the lives of people living with hemophilia Jouzhttp://shengsi.haio.cn/index.html
CoretechMedSpecializing in mechanical circulatory support with a product portfolio for advanced heart failure patients
CorrectSequence TherapeuticsA biotechnology company using precise base editing to develop medicines for patientshttps://www.correctsequence.com/index
Si Zhe RuiA well-konwn surgical robotics companyhttp://www.hrbszr.com/
Lynk Pharmaceuticals"A clinical stage company dedicated to discovering and developing novel medicines to treat oncology, immunology and inflammatory diseases"https://en.lynkpharma.com/intro/1.html
Gene TechTop distributor and agency of life science equipments and reagentshttps://www.genetech.com.cn/
SPH Health CommerceOne of the well-konwn providers of prescriptions and related pharmacy service in Chinahttps://www.sphcchina.com/
MediTrustWell-konwn medical innovation payment service provider in China.https://www.meditrusthealth.com/
Kactus BiosystemsAn innovative biotechnology company dedicated to providing high-quality and novel proteins & enzymeswww.kactusbio.cn
iCAMUNODomestic innovative Bio-tech in next generation Off-the-Shelf iPSC-derived cell therpies
Core MotionAn innovated platform of robot assisted surgery system
MicroImagingA well-konwn company in cardiovascular interventional imaging
STA PharmaA well-konwn CMO firm (832159.OC)http://www.stapharma.com.cn/cn/
We DoctorA well-konwn mobile Internet portal for medical treatment and Internet hospital in Chinahttp://www.guahao.com/
Cheng Da BiotechnologyThe well-konwn rabies vaccine firm in China (831550.OC)http://cdbio.cn/
ECCOGENEEccogene focusing on discovery and development of translational medicine represented by oral GLP-1R and THR-β agonist in metabolic and immune-related diseaseshttp://www.eccogene.com/
Medi MedicalA well-konwn manufacturer of magnetocardiography based on SQUID sensorshttp://www.cshmedi.com/
FuseMedFocusing on peripheral interventional device
JZJ Health Drug StoreOne of the well-konwn pharmaceutical retailer in southwest Chinahttp://www.jzj.cn/
DeepwiseA well-konwn AI medical imaging companyhttp://www.deepwise.com/
Tiger TechnologyWell-konwn company in China focusing on invasive brain-computer interface with high-density flexible brain electrodes
ECO PolymerSpecializing in the R&D and production of medical tubing and medical hollow fiber membraneswww.sh-eco.com.cn
Degron TherapeuticsWell-konwn biotech focusing on molecular glue developmenthttp://www.degrontx.com/
HiROA China-based, globally oriented clinical research organization (CRO)https://www.harvestiro.com
AdvaccineAn innovative vaccine development company based on the frontier technology of immunologywww.advaccine.com
AdvaccineFocusing on pet vaccines R&D innovative well-konwn Bio-tech in China
TavotekDeveloping novel therapeutic medicines to improve the patient's quality of lifewww.tavotek.com
Photonic ViewDeveloping innovative BTIT technology for life science instruments and medical devices
CapitalBioAn industry-well-konwn life science company that provides products and services based on innovative microarray/microfluidic chips and NGShttp://www.capitalbiotech.com/
InfervisionA well-konwn AI medical imaging companyhttp://www.infervision.com/
Rapid MedicalGlobal well-konwn interventional treatment device deceloper for brain stokehttps://www.rapid-medical.com/
Sight DXUtilizing advanced computer vision and machine learning technology in the realm of blood diagnosticshttps://www.sightdx.com/
DVLChinese styptic powder manufacturer (870445.OC)